The Shadows of Penumbra

By: Md. Saber -E- Montaha

In the shadows of penumbra,
Lies a world so dark and cold,
Where nothingness reigns triumphant,
And alienation takes its hold.

The bleakness of this existence,
Is felt by all who dwell within,
A sense of emptiness and nothingness,
As though life itself has been dried out and lean.

The darkness that surrounds them,
Is all they’ve ever known,
A constant reminder of their fate,
Of the coldness of death alone.

For in this world of bottomless void,
Hope is but a fleeting thought,
And the shadow of death looms large,
As they wither away, forgot.

As the darkness grows ever deeper,
And the penumbra fades to oblivion,
A sense of dread descends upon them,
As they await their final destination.

For in this world of alienation,
There is nothing left to hold onto,
And the only certainty they have,
Is the cold embrace of death so true.

So, let the shadows consume them,
And the darkness rule supreme,
For in this world of nothingness,
There is no hope, no light, no dream.


Md. Saber -E- Montaha is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English at Northern University Bangladesh

Categories: Poetry

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  1. Just loved it, Sir. Most chaotic feelings are articulated in the most magnificent way. Perfect art!

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