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A Child’s imagination in a flight

By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey

We are flying, we are flying
above the ground, skyscrapers
above the river, green vales
and forest deep above the pastures
deep ocean where demoness meets
her lover above the clouds in the sky.
We are flying ,we are flying
across the colonies of clouds
in many forms and many shades.
We can see the dark patches
golden scarlet, blue and white
cast majestically on their faces.
We are flying ,we are flying
away from home in a home
Where sun peeps through windows
to greet us in a shiny weather.
We are flying ,we are flying
above the ground in the sky
watching beautiful nature’s
artwork sketches and forms
which we never saw in workbooks
that teachers gave us to paint.
We are flying ,we are flying
above the ground in the sky
away from uniforms,hectic schedules
heavy school bags bulging
like hump on yawning camel’s back.
Sick of revision lessons on the desk
homeworks,teacher’s frowning face.
We are flying ,we are flying
in no man’s land in vales of dreams.


  1. Beautiful presentation of the flight of a child’s thoughts! Loved the poem much!
    Congratulations Chandra Shekhar ji

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