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By: Suveeksha Viswanathan

Of my days spent in reclusion or so it seems, the confinement that I subjected myself to was of the crazy kind if not the kind that leaves your artifices bare.

Raw talent as you may call it could turn out to be a sheer source of respite or an object of pure devotion provided that the circumstances in which it grows is of the right type. In the modern world, where technology and fierce competition is prevalent, we tend to focus on the activities that provides us with instant relief or pleasure as a result of which the intensity of the perceived difficulty gradually increases thereby increasing our sense of guilt and inundating us.  This then becomes a subject of avoidance which makes us procrastinate every time that we come across it.  Trepidation or fear only adds to the cause. The great minds, people with utmost potential dwarf or belittle themselves with deceptive perception or identity which thwarts their ability to grow and leads to the birth of marred visions.

Envy, jealousy holds equally a destructive claim over it.

Enthralling in others failure and the emotions so mentioned above makes our own progress stagnant. When caught in such vicious cycles, life seems to be equivalent to that of a void with trees losing its leaves and its trunk crumbling and withering away into nothingness.  This could then be attributed to the growing apathy and a crepitating crater of hatred existent within ourselves. This in turn shortens the lifespan of even the most brilliant diamonds of the world.

There are but a few amongst the populace who overthrow this initial phase while the others get washed away by the tides of life.

 A momentary deflection of thought to say the least is all it takes to make your day worth living. When realized that life is all about being accepting of its harsh realities and living harmoniously with people by forsaking suspicion aroused or forged by our delirious thinking. To realize that an innate sense of oneness binds us all together. When proven to be true, makes even the harshest biome an embodiment of heaven on Earth.

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