Literary Yard

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By: Jim Bates

Up early still dark out
Get bundled up in long quilted underwear
Heavy pants two sweaters boots
Insulated jacket wool stocking hat and heavy mittens
Ready to go
He steps outside and the brutal cold takes his breath away
He stands for a moment looking at the moon
It’s so bright! he marvels. Bright and beautiful
Then the cold settles in unrelentingly
He grabs the shovel and starts in on his task
Shoveling the driveway
Push lift throw
Push lift throw
Monotonous? Not really not to him
It’s ten degrees below zero and sweat is pouring down his face
He stops and wipes it away
He looks to the moonlit sky and smiles
“Hi, there, Mr. Moon,” he says. “Wonderful morning isn’t it?”
Then back to shoveling
Hurrying now the bus arrives in thirty minutes
Push lift throw
While the moon watches
He waves at it and smiles some more and shovels faster
Happy in his task
Positive the moon winked at him.

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