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By: Margot Block

a language you use like a candle lit
when it was to deliver emotion night after night
your defeated china girl and your moment
and electrified means nothing to me
when it is an explosion in the heart of whispers
where the night exposes her left eye
and forever brings venom to lips already red
while I pray for a simple kind of salvation
in the desert of my oasis
you know that the blood of my heart is gone


on these wings
tattered brown
recently acquired distance
when walking the chasm black is the lonely road
and to falter one last time in her second breath
we all fail after all these years
practising the long fall with its barren result
it was rising through a mass of broken cloud
to glamorize a heartache of numbers
we spin the line between her suicide and her darkest experience
a fading tightrope mapped out against her discolored horizon
the heart is full with painstaking risk
where we dried his tears at the door
a vapid love
she runs
still she returns
coming to him against a dark night
wearing love and running shoes
unnecessary strawberry bruises
the long fall
your jaded arms


to me
your were so high
and almost invincible
wearing every color imaginable
your imaginary staff in hand
it turns out I dreamed of this
and karma, she came calling
wearing red with a trick up her sleeve
levelling off distance with her blade
but do you remember me
hiding in the long shadows of the heart
pretending to be brave
and you look down on me
cool eyes and everything
pretend we speak the language of a complicated love
catch lies over some darkened territory


on one highway he clutched at a dream
like a drowning man to a log
near the same yellow divide
priding himself on passive action
posing in still
controlled by no force
like a wall of concrete looming
having it all in one blow
with a hand that grasped for more
while the foot slipped
losing ground
brilliant lights learned fast
speaking with artificial joy
he said the world was easy prey
crawling to the feet of the conqueror


I am traveling to the places you have forgotten
a coldness so deep in the kore of the earth
like fears exploding on touch
while silently I masquerade
as I gave myself up
sliding over a covered dawn

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