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A Journey Through ‘Love’s Cradle’: A Review of Sushant Thapa’s Poetry Collection

By: Onkar Sharma

Poetry, being an art form that often communicates through symbolism and figurative expressions, goes a few notches up as I look through the page of Sushant Thapa’s poetry collection ‘Love’s Cradle’. The collection is a journey – mesmerizing one – through emotions, relationships, and the very essence of human existence. In this collection, every poem functions as a portal to the poet’s soul, providing profound glimpses and captivating imagery that prompt contemplation of life’s complexities and the allure of love. The poems delve into intense introspection, exploring themes of comprehension, affection, time, and the intricate tapestry of emotions.

In the poem ‘Understanding,’ Thapa uses natural metaphors to illustrate the hardship required for love and self-discovery.

“Waves are not like waterfall
Waves coil and move within you
Waterfall gushes down with a thunder.” –  ‘Understanding’

 The imagery of waves coiling and moving within oneself and a green vine creeping and reaching out aptly portray the continuity of love and oneself. The poet skillfully unravels the connection between loving oneself and accepting the reflections of others, hence advocating self-forgiveness and empathy for others.

‘One Piece’ touches upon the yearning for a connection with someone, where even a single moment shared is cherished deeply. Thapa’s words invoke a sense of longing and the desire to complete oneself through the presence of a loved one. In ‘Time,’ the poet poignantly reflects on the passage of time, reminiscing about a past when time was not a concern. The realization of the present monotony and the longing for different experiences make this poem relatable and thought-provoking.

In ‘Beating like a Drum,’ Thapa delves into the transient nature of life, where moments pass like fleeting seasons. The yearning for an animated heart that beats like a drum signifies the desire for a life filled with passion and meaning.

Thapa’s poems are imbued with a profound sense of introspection, as evident in ‘Just Feeling Right’ and ‘A Complete Tree.’ In the former, the poet explores the fragility of human emotions, the vulnerability of love, and the significance of embracing life’s imperfections. The latter poem presents the metaphor of a tree with its leaves as individuals, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all living beings and the importance of understanding and supporting one another.

The collection beautifully captures the nuances of love in ‘For You,’ where the poet yearns for a love that brings warmth and comfort. The imagery of walls and windows highlights the desire for closeness and intimacy in a relationship. In ‘Being,’ the poet speaks about self-awareness and acceptance, comparing oneself to an embracing lotus that opens up to life’s experiences without disguise. This poem resonates with a sense of openness and embracing one’s true self. ‘The Sky that Stopped Me’ invokes a sense of mindfulness and appreciation for nature’s beauty, exemplifying how even the simplest of things, like a setting moon, can evoke profound emotions.

Thapa’s poems are marked by profound contemplation and philosophical depth. ‘Poetic Value’ illustrates the essence of being a poet, where writing becomes a form of expression and a way to interpret and give birth to emotions. ‘Memories Again’ delves into the significance of memories and how they shape our lives, linking them to the passage of time and the journey of growing older.

In ‘Fragments,’ the poet skillfully weaves together fragments of life, symbolizing the diverse experiences and emotions that make up human existence.

Thapa’s poetic skill shines in ‘Pet of Art,’ which beautifully portrays the cathartic power of art, offering solace and freedom to the artist’s soul.

“A little while ago
I was looking at the rod
And its shadow in the window net.
I hear the pathos in the street;
Somebody wailing and causing an alarm
To think straight like the rod.” – ‘Pet of Art

The themes explored in ‘Lullaby,’ ‘Fire and Cold Blue,’ ‘Perception,’ ‘The Setting Moon,’ ‘Wisdom,’ ‘Freedom and Control,’ ‘Little Bit of Joy,’ and ‘If it’s all Fancy’ further enrich the collection, touching upon various facets of life and the human experience.

The collection is highly recommended as it brings to the fore a new dimension of human emotions through symbols and images. Particularly, ‘Love’s Cradle’ encompasses multiple shades of the human psyche and their impact on our lives. This experience may vary as you flip through the pages and absorb multiple philosophical aspects.  

In conclusion, ‘Love’s Cradle’ is a captivating poetry collection that skillfully weaves together poignant reflections on life, love, and the human condition. Sushant Thapa’s profound thoughts and evocative imagery make this collection a delightful read for poetry enthusiasts seeking to explore the intricacies of emotions and the beauty of existence.


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