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‘Black Cadillac’ and other poems

By Karen Lee Stradford

Black Cadillac

Daddy’s gone.
The scent of his cologne
still lingers
as I enter,
4-door Deville sits
in the cold garage
waiting to ride again.
Tank full of gas,
dusty hood
to see the road.

Glove compartment
packed with
CDs and tissues,
masks in the console.
Las Vegas hat sits
on the back seat.
Country music plays softly.


I Need A Hug

I can see your car
in the driveway.
I scurry downstairs
to greet you.
You walk through the door.
Somehow, it feels like-
I haven’t seen you in a year.

Give me a hug.

Show me that you care.
I’ve been through a lot
of shit today.

Don’t know whether
coming or going at times.
I need a place
to run
and hide.

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