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Sahana Ahmed’s journey of self-discovery and growth

Imagine a moment when your own child turns to you and says, “Mom, you don’t do anything.” This was exactly what Sahana faced in 2016 when her daughter expressed these words. Determined to set a positive example, Sahana embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth, showing her daughter that pursuing one’s passions and dreams is a meaningful and empowering path. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing change and following your heart.

Sahana is a prolific writer whose work has appeared in prominent international publications. Her debut novel, “Combat Skirts,” unfolds within the backdrop of an army girls’ hostel. Sahana’s poetic prowess shines through in “Amity: Peace Poems,” an anthology featuring the poetic voices of forty-seven artists from eight diverse countries.

Beyond her literary achievements, Sahana champions the recognition of exceptional women, contributing to ALL Ladies League, Rising Beyond the Ceiling, and SheInspires Awards. She has held influential positions such as National President of the Rural Tourism Council for WICCI (Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and India Country Chair of World Peace at G100.

Sahana’s efforts have garnered significant accolades, including her inclusion among the distinguished 33 Women Achievers of India for 2023 and the esteemed 99 Achievers of India for 2021, recognized by The Indian Achiever’s Club. Notably, she received the prestigious Woman of the Decade award at the annual Women Economic Forum in 2022.

Currently residing in Gurugram with her husband, Shakil, and their daughter, Reeham, Sahana continues to make a profound impact through her multifaceted contributions to literature, women’s empowerment, and global initiatives.

Know Sahana Ahmed‘s literary journey in this candid dialogue with Literary Yard.

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