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By: D A Angelo


A man accidentally swallowed a fly and didn’t turn into one. A fruit machine of quantum mechanics pulled its arm like a Douglas Adams plot device and the man shifted into a ham sandwich, a crooning banana, and a talking pile of Lego bricks, before settling into an inflatable cactus. A housefly in the nearby vicinity was very confused.

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A group of matryoshka dolls enjoyed the high life: rivers of caviar, the finest champagne, living among ornate palaces carved out of the moon itself. Come summertime, retreating to a sunset shaded dacha in the countryside. Nobody saw the Arctic fox slipping into the blizzard turning Russia into a snow globe. Nobody saw it with the matryoshka dolls in its jaws, leaving a trail of splinters from Moscow to the Black Sea. The land would be barren for centuries. Of this, they would be certain.

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