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‘Virtue Signaling’ and other poems

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg

Virtue Signaling

Publicly expressing opinions to demonstrate sagacious character is awfully fraudulent,
A mockery of essential issues.

One’s moral “correctness,” on matters seldom merits reader tillage, the likes of which
Are useless against woke mobs.

Riffs rarely compensate for foot-in-mouth or hoof & mouth diseases. Relatively, such
Prolonged cants cost popularity.

All in all, there are no “ghosts in the machine” ‘or which to worry. Instead, let’s focus
On our contemporary Gaiamind.

Alternatively, thinking of the noosphere might enable the mendacious with us to offer
Tight fives, hop amid innocence.

The epigraphs to most substitutes for religion, nearly always, fracture accepted modes
Of measuring life’s inducements.


Environmental factors often dispel the good meant
For release by given phenotypes. Relationship
Practices, overall, can inhibit growth, else bring
To bear phenomenal abundance.

Atmospheric contexts, too, impact the best sorts
Of partnerships. Flirting’s nothing sans intent.
Equally, specific habitats might make mankind
Pugnacious; there’s no romance in antagonism.

Inimitable partners, though, will no more flense
Feelings than throw spitballs. The fairness sought
In pairings can be actualized via work/life
Balance or by means of good listening skills.

Fashioning Double Reeds

Few miss hours spent making double reeds.
There’s little appreciation given to lessons
For shawm’s descendent because attention
Underwrites detail & rhythmic sensibility.

Homes serving as Haganah passages stood
Peppered with secret chambers. The Jewish
Resistance Movement contested repression
(Their sabotage defeated foreign occupiers.)

When spoken Hebrew hobbled the olah, she
Bade friends to help her place falafel orders
(Seemed that locals twigged “bad English”
Better than she grasped the essential cant.)

Gustav Schröder captained 1939’s St. Louis,
Failed to home 1,000 Hebrew refuges, gain
Entry to Cuba, the United States, or Canada.
In Europe, nearly all the passengers perished.

Stern Gang valor abetted open immigration.
The Irgun (of Haganah) assured The Holy
State via weapons, despite added massacres
Arrests, executions, and Operation Agatha.

Definitively, ephemera lack answerability’s
Circumstances. Else, people would mither
Aapropos guillemots, phalaropes, full mise
En scenes (hymenopterans bind breaches.)

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