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‘I Will Daily Love You’ and other poems

By Linda Woody Griffin

I Will Daily Love You

Though years have passed – I still think of you,
Emotions run deep and tears fall too.
Your leaving took my breath away,
My only wish was for you to stay.

I know in my heart – life had other plans;
For now, God holds you in His hands.
Still, I long for our heartfelt talks,
And simple loving, sunny walks.

Our hugs feel real as love fills my heart,
It’s almost like we were never apart.
I feel you sit down next to me,
Warmth feels my soul as now I see.

I close my eyes and lift up my face,
Bathing in your Heavenly embrace.
Love comes in many shapes and forms,
Sometimes outside life’s social “norms”.

I now find peace in always knowing,
Love never dies but continues growing.
Until the day when we reunite,
I will daily love you – with all my might.


Does anybody listen, even when they’re near?
It’s like a silent movie, that no one can hear.
Am I invisible, like my thoughts that fly?
Do they ever wonder – why they make me cry?

No one sees the chaos; no one sees the pain,
All they see is someone, that never will complain.
They don’t see the turmoil – churning in my mind,
Is all the pain that cripples – worth all the time?

Some days I would like to wander – far into a field,
Where peace fills my head and it slowly starts to heal.
I wish that I could stay there – forever and a day,
I wonder if people would notice – that I went away.

Memories of how deeply – I loved them with care,
Will fill their minds with wonder of why they were not there.
Where are they now, why did they go?
Leaving my heart bare, hurting me so.

They will hear the silence, deafening and still.
They will feel the void, only I could fill.
They will know the pain of living without,
They will know the loss – too late without a doubt.

Just A Lonely One

She sits by his side as he gently slips away,
Praying with all her heart he could always stay.
Soon she knows her love – forever will be gone,
And two will then become – just a lonely one.

He’s suffered for so long as illness takes its toll,
She now sits and waits – his hand she’s glad to hold.
The despair inside her grows with considerable intense,
This unforgiving disease makes no rational sense.

So, she remembers…his smile – sweet and kind,
As he charmed his way into her heart, soul and mind.
Finally came the day – he took her as his bride,
Eyes full of tears and gleaming with great pride.

As their family grew – happy but not ideal,
With the help of God, they survived each tough ordeal.
Ups and downs there were aplenty – never a dull moment,
Until the day the doctor made that solemn dreaded comment.

Many years have come and gone for the man she holds so dear,
As his life slips away – the end is drawing near.
Quietly she sits – reminiscing all they had done,
Until the two must then become – just a lonely one.

Just Remain

Why is it dark?
Is life this bleak?
Do I care?
Why can’t I speak?

The world spins round, but I stand still.
Moving nowhere – against my will.
Deafening quiet, fills my head.
Sometimes I wonder – if I am dead?

The darkness closes – in so fast.
I wait and worry – how long it will last?
Why can’t this weight – be lifted quick?
The pain and sorrow, makes me sick.

Tomorrow come – fast and soon.
Bring more light to fill my room.
It better hurry before the cold,
Eats its way – through my soul.

Will I be missed, if it comes my way?
Will I be here, for another day?
Why can’t I speak, and tell the pain?
Why can’t things – just remain?


Linda Griffin, a Jacksonville native, was a housewife and mother for years before choosing a career in computer science. She was married to a Vietnam veteran for 33 years, and after his death in 2017, she moved to Virginia where she can see the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains from her porch. Her writing is inspired by life experiences, love for her family, and nature. She spends her free time carrying on the tradition of writing, which has weaved its way through generations in her family.  

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