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‘Envisaging Vacation’ and other poems

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg

Envisaging Vacation

Book closed, newspaper folded, partners nod, envisaging vacation.
No fancy doormen, elegant eateries, else extensive tours grow into
Elements of their dream.

Rather, slumber parties, time for hot breakfasts, electronic devices not
Consulted more than six times/day, abandoning house chores, buying
Fancy butcher cuts remain.

They reject “obligations” to pay princes’ fees for some other sheets,
For a chef’s dinner efforts; a homestay vaca can fill days and nights
With the best sort of rest.

After decades of travel, lecturing, problem-solving, otherwise jumping
Around airports to please employers, little seems as sweet as local trips
To gardens, their own pillows.

Let others pack valises, pour shampoo into wee bottles, count out doses,
Think on all matter of lists and wishes. They’ll happily linger at home,
Celebrating life’s goodness.


Self-validation, sidelined, fashions pilot studies of transcendence.
Already exsanguinated publics, perchance, equally, aniles, fools,
Else dogsbodies, most of whom, possibly conceal a penchant for
Passably representing emoted experiences, grow markedly jazzed.

Though happy recipients, other than youths with sanctioned guns,
Squirt before eliminating incisive designs. Utopian inventories of
Discourse are used on dialed-up byways. Other skilled folks, akin
To the majority of high school teachers, rot when evaluating news.

Arms akimbo, certain persons seem to prefer ostriches to ospreys.
Dreary days, pristine moments no longer create coping strategies
Or randomly appraise stories of grandeur chockfull of impossible
Decrees, gender pervasiveness, endemic qualities, flared symbols.

To invite oneself, anyway, to bagel shop truth, to exact contexts
For planting trees, for engaging in multifold turns of reforestation,
(as gaming seasonal precipitation), raises questions vis-à-vis roles,
Rubrics, cultural torrents that cascade behind algae-kissed stones.

Concrete jungles, neon vines, dirt paths covered with lime, existent
Flocks of iron birds, steel cattle herds all stirred by sensible motes,
Eschew rabbits slurping forbs alongside nations being mesmerized
By towering, brick giants peering down, firedrakes spewing smoke.

A coil so strong that banal sightings fortify folding sorority chapters
In which eagles, buzzards, harriers, kites, alike Old World vultures,
Sophistication opposes Egyptians or Hebrews rallied against simple,
Reasonable representations per specific populations’ taxes tolerance.

Each age must be grasped as preceding the last helping of unsolicited
Praise, of palpitations continuing to raise consciousness, of old music
Of zyphers, of tulips, of freeze frame biographies, if not of mollified,
So inadequate videos themed on millenniums following venerations.

It remains one thing to be clever, another to be wise. For every pulpy
Fruit tasted, some continue to be unachievable precaution of delicate
Goals. Even so, in joyous curiosity, we snub sensitive self-reflection.
Our little, clay homes’ gauche walls shed analyses’ conjugal crumbs.

In finales, maintaining our pretense that “quality creatures” ordinarily
Flit among socially “rightful heirs,” that incommensurate admissions
Stay constrained as full explanations of applied symbolic interactions
Persists in determining the casual assessment of informational dearths.

Professor Moms’ Plight

Infixing ideas costume the kinds of women who prevent cozening.
It’s better to preserve clarity of thought than well-financed brumes,
Given most superfluous biophysiological notes requested by guilds.
Neither queans nor male ruffians ought to succeed in traumatizing
Folks tasked to edify future generations of doctors, police officers.
When preventing academic tares, a number of professors crumble.
From promotions thru conges, scholarly ladies sacrifice themselves
To assist students in defeating unfit cogitations, discarding twaddle.
Tenure is like staying a thane when purchased rank is like nobility;
Betwixt commoner & lord, money, fame, faint public means reign.

Yet, unco declarations persist if deconstructing doyens’ comments.
Often, pupils cavil. They raise petty, unnecessary objections about
Homework, class work, most mental exertions. Salient reflections
Exist as mere divides tozing “able” from “uncommitted.” Piles of
“Deserving” learners glean faculty from their political forebearers.

Viz., kids tend to wallow individually instead of striving as sedulous.
Thinking’s application develops as tough to loge in muddled minds
Missing vumming over ill-wrought gains or offering rebus answers.
Beat from dull minutes of chary reasoning, modern enrollees party,
Then yelp they’ve had no help with improving their choice making.
To support career, ardor, generational dites, extreme numbers aver
Hand to noo, they’d shrug off posed propines, particularly learners’
Desaturation, hypoglycemia, plus imagined woes unlikely to follow.
Young adults, eternally perplexed by finals, view tutors as almoners.
But not nabobs nor pretty boys or girls thrive when compromising.

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