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‘Imagine’ and other poems

By: Joan McNerney


Imagine to be a bird
slicing air with wings.

Up up over that horizon
soaring through clouds
away from solemn earth.

Shining, shimmering
far above this sphere
into clear blue light.

Cutting through sky
gliding over oceans
eyes open all seeing.

Awake all day all night
brushing rushing
against the four winds.

Imagine to be a bird.

This Evening

Becomes starry sapphire
as chimes tap against
our windowpane.

Sea gulls rise in
flight over rooftops.
Winds wrapping around
trees tossing leaves.

The court yard is full of
aromas from dinnertime.
Shadows growing longer
each minute. Lights go
on and I wait for you.

Spring Bath

Noontime perfumed
with berries, new grass.
Beneath honey locust,
through hushed woods,
we found a spring.

My feet throb over
hard pebbles. Threading
soft water the sun
dresses us in golden

Birthday Present

I wanted to bring back the
best gift from the country
for you, just for you.
I wanted to.

Some sky would be nice,
lots of lovely sky with
light fleecy clouds.

So I rushed through
stores and bought the
biggest shiny box and
looked for a perfect bow.

All shades of blue, violet
with red and yellow.
An entire rainbow of
colored ribbons for the
box to put this sky into.

Then on the bus my bow
fell apart. Somebody
stepped on the box. It’s
all crushed and *.

By the time we got to
the city it was late. Did
my sky fly away?
The box is empty now.

I wanted to bring back the
best gift from the country
for you, just for you.
I wanted to.


Joan McNerney’s poetry has been published worldwide in over thirty-five countries in numerous literary magazines. Four Best of the Net nominations have been awarded to her. The Muse in Miniature, Love Poems for Michael, and At Work are available on A new title Light & Shadows has recently been released.


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