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By: Aaron Moon

Throughout the many years photography has evolved, with many new techniques and tools used to take photographs, photographers all share one goal. The use of photography is to record and keep track of whatever photo was taken. Today, many use photography as a creative way of showing their life experiences and as a wayexpressing themself through a form of art of expressing themself through a form of art.

Photography is an essential part of my life, as it creates new opportunities for me to make memories and have fun looking back at the many pictures I have taken. But wait, the fun only begins when you get to edit the photo. After looking back at the photo you come across the realization that cameras cannot capture an image as perfectly as it was in your mind. Editing helps you acknowledge the full glory of the moment when the photo was taken. To the many people who take photos, looking back at their past memories can bring up emotions you have long forgotten.

Many people use photography to show off aspects of their lives and personalities, which sometimes, is too much. Some people however like to keep a more private life, trying not to draw too much attention or show off as much. I, likewise,  prefer to keep many of my photos to myself. Pictures are like memories, and although you may want to share them with others, some are good to keep to yourself.

As technology advances and different ways of photography evolve, come the introduction of many new tools. Tools such as gimbals and digital cameras are a few tools among the many that can assist you. Allowing the creation of more high-resolution photos with more depth, they allow you to further expand your skills. With the many unique ways of taking photos, it led me to have more of an interest in different kinds of technology, such as how things such as computers and cameras worked.  

As technology evolves, photography becomes an ever-expanding form of art. With new ways of capturing memories through the lens of a camera, you are able to create beautiful masterpieces that people can look at with gazes of wonder.

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