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‘Little Drops of Serenity’ and other poems

By: Jeremiah Ogundele 


I hear the raindrops tapping lightly on the roof,
A symphony of sound aloof,
Slowly, rhythmically breathe it in,
My thoughts in turmoil, like the dim.

The world outside is bathed in grey,
A fog that abides, come what may,
My mind, it roams far and wide,
Going on and on for a ride

As I feel the rhythm of the raindrops
Falling in a symphony of notes and props
Creating a musical pattern
Spinning round my head like Saturn

Each drop a thought, a memory,
A moment lost to history,
But in the rain, they find new life,
A dance of euphoria, a song of strife.

The world outside is blurred and hazy,
Like thoughts that drive one crazy,
But in the rain, there’s clarity,
A chance to find serenity.

So let the raindrops wash away,
The troubles of another day,
For in this rain, there’s beauty found,
A peacefulness found astound.


She held me in her heart
Placed me in a sweet haven
And I could swear
Her hands couldn’t hurt me
Even if they tried to
For her soul was crystal pure

Her touch capable of setting my pulse on fire
I didn’t fall in love here
’cause that would only be an accident
Love fell on me here, hard
And I willingly let myself fall into her
So much she caught me safe in those hands

And she is all my hands want to write about
For she brought light into my life
A reason to look at life and smile
Even while an inferno burns my world
My friends tell me I’m deeply in love
I told them I’d prefer the word insanely

For with her, nothing matters…

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