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‘Look Underneath The Carpet’ and other poems

By: K. A. Williams

Look Underneath The Carpet

What would I find
if I ripped up the carpet
and looked underneath?
Sometimes I wonder if
it was worth it to ruin a
beautiful wooden floor
with all those nails
just so my feet could
be warm in the winter.

Restaurant Blues

Noisy babies
Bad food and clumsy servers
Bickering couples

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

There was a cafe in the city,
where the servers were all pretty.
But should patrons not tip,
they gave them some lip,
and sang quite a lewd off-key ditty.


The stories and poems of K. A. Williams have appeared in many magazines such as Literary Yard, The Blotter, SavagePlanets, The Sirens Call, Yellow Mama, and The Creativity Webzine. The author has published several ebooks including “Limericks and Other Humorous Poems”, “Scifaiku and Haiku”, and “Free Verse and Rhyme: A Poetry Collection”. Apart from writing, she enjoys rock music and word games.

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