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By: Gulshan Ara

Little nursery underneath a half-burnt bunker
Kerosine lamps hanging from the ceiling
Tiny premature babies wrapped in half torn blanket
Curling up in their tiny cribs, struggling to stay warm
Sucking the last drop of milk from an empty milk bottle
Struggling to breath

No lullaby, no cradling by mother’s arms,
No milk from mother’s breast
No electricity, no water
Doctors struggling desperately to save lives

Tiny babies, almost lifeless,
Often shaking up by the rumbling of incessant bombing
Erratically throwing their little arms & feet in protest
Often opening eyes with blank looks

Is this the world for babies to grow up?
Playing with half-burnt bombs?
Using machine guns as toys?
Rejoicing the flame of explosion?


Dr. Gulshan Ara (Nick name “Pushpa”) is a Scientist and a Poet based in the USA.

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