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By: Vanaja Malathy

What is love? Love is love!
Does love happen among the equals?
not always…
remember the Vendetta between two families of Romeo and Juliet

Does love happen between two youngsters?
not always…
recall Vladimir Nabokov’s

Does love happen between people of the same race?
not always…
Othello was moorish and Desdemona, a Venetian beauty

Does love happen between the unmarried?
not always…
explore Anna Karenina of Tolstoy
an ardent extra marital love between the married Anna and the Cavalry Officer

Does love happen between the educated and sophisticated?
not always…
read the classic Rebecca, of Daphne du Maurier

Does love happen between the two with the same vibes?
not always…
read the play, Pygmalion of George Bernard Shaw, or watch My Fair Lady
Elisa Doolittle’s women empowerment and Prof Higgins rigidity

Does love happen between two different genders?
not always…
don’t miss to read
Love Wins by Debbie Cenzieper, Jim Obergefell on same sex marriages
When does love happen???
When you are you and I am I


Vanaja Malathy believes in the power of writing. Writing is a lonely endeavor. Right from the time an idea or a thought enters the mind, a writer feels a restlessness to give it a shape, edit and re-edit and then, above all, to share it with the world. A writer feels an immense joy of fulfillment after the work is published.

Vanaja Malathy is thankful to the various journals that have seen her work in print. Her latest venture is her short story and poems being selected by TMYS Review in association with Centre of Asia Pacific Initiatives( CAPI) University of Victoria. Anonymous Was A Woman and TMYS Review Dec 2023 are available worldwide via Amazon both as ebooks and paperbacks.

Vanaja Malathy is ever grateful to Literary Yard. A number of her works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry have appeared in this journal. This is highly motivating to her as an author.

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