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‘Reverie Redux’ and other poems

By Bruce Levine

Reverie Redux

Fluorescent lighting
Hovering overhead
Transient groups
Outlining intervals
Of time in a tube
Multiscopic vision
Projecting data
To artificial intelligence
Cognitive memory
Enhancing realms
Infused with dogma
Telepathy based society
Filled with sensory channels
Telekinesis employed
To physical systems
Obviating interaction
Memory reassigned
To expressions
Relevance refuted
By simple equations
Distillation of thought
Portrayed by a single vowel


Plans yet unfulfilled
Focused on the days ahead
Moving toward the goal

Counting down the days
Holidays and festivals
Fanfares and parades

Contemplating time
Forecasting reality
Enigmas explained

Golden sun rising
Filling the day with warm light
Clouds in pale blue skies

New grown light green leaves
Birds calling to each other
Nature’s happy time

Summer just arrived
It came without a warning
Hot and sunny days


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