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Echoes of Frost and Resilience

By: Christopher Minjun Kim

In the stillness of winter, when quiet descends gently,
Within the walls, dusted with frost, a story takes shape.
Each snowflake is different,
yet they tell a different tale—a ballet in the cold.

Under the snowy expanse of white,
Time whispers across the darkness.
While in sleep, nature talks in its dreams.
The heart alone wants a hallowed language.

Like poets’ quills, barren branches etch poetry against the chilly air.
Thoughts of the soul in silence,
An image forms into pieces,
While the pieces become a puzzle.

But in the sore grip of winter’s breath,
It’s reminded of how vast life can be.
Every frost holds the hope of thawing,
a tenacious soul underneath the laws of nature.

Thus, the embrace of winter reveals the beauty in every aspect.
Singing in silence, warmth in the cold.
Heartbeats slowly get louder,
Because a sturdy heart beats strongly in the glacier.


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