For the First Time

By Taylor Dibbert Neither,Resurrection,Nor,Revival,What,They’reBuilding,Together,Is,Something,Completely,Different. ### Taylor Dibbert is a widely published writer and journalist. He’s the author of the Peace Corps memoir “Fiesta of Sunset.”

Intentional Geometry

By: Raymond Greiner       Today I have been thinking about geometric patterns and shapes, their intention and purpose, the obvious, the less obvious, and those, which are more ambiguous.  I’m thinking about […]

My Third Life

By: Pragya Dhiman I come from a world where lizards bathein toilet tanksand turn into salamanders slippery,like salivating tongues hungryfor their next meal in the dry drought of a sticky heat. I […]


By: Valentin Emelin at first the sound of tearing stringand sunlight candy dropsgot scatteredon the tile floortheir touch of polished amberwas smooth like silkalas I don’t rememberthe namerhymes with a beardno that’s […]

The Almirah

By: Chilaikalaan This morning bought with itself an idea.An idea that I should clean my room.I started by making my bed.I picked up the novels and kept them in a rack.I picked […]