Category: Fiction

The Switch

By Alfred L. Horowitz Howard felt exhilarated, for he had just finished a successful morning business meeting in Tryon, North Carolina. He and his wife lived in California, but had only moved […]

The Push

By: Alison Goeller She wasn’t sure why she had deliberately banged her head against the door jamb that night. Or why she had asked his permission beforehand. She guessed it was her […]


By Kajetan Kwiatkowski Tricia leashed the gentle giant, combed the fur around his collar, and gave him a prolonged, bombastic kiss. She fought the instinct to sling on the delivery vest hanging […]


By: Caroline Piermattei She heard the chirp, the squeak. Then the black blur scurried past her leg. He climbed the tree then ran, having what looked like fun. Black squirrels, She strained […]


By: Harvey Huddleston He’d been there a few times before, the BARC shelter.  It stood for Brooklyn Animal, then whatever starts with an R and Center.  The R might be for relocation […]