Category: Fiction

A lunch

By: J.D. Diaz After closing, when all the diners and most of the staff were gone and he was done cleaning his station and knives, he helped Javier with the dishes and […]

Harriet, Harriet!

By Gaither Stewart                         What might have been and what has been                        Point to one end, which is always present.                        Footfalls echo in the memory                        Down the passage which we did not […]

Uriel Fox Runs for Mayor

By: John F Zurn Uriel Fox enjoyed his many discussions with his fellow citizens of Newton. Nearly every evening, he’d meet group retirees and enjoy coffee and stimulating conversation. One afternoon when […]

After Laughing

By:  Dennis Vannatta It had been Roger Barr who phoned the office, but it was his wife, Connie, who answered Earl’s knock on the door.             “Roger can’t talk to you right […]

The Hill

By: Don Tassone Henry Valentine sat straight up in bed, awakened by the morning sun, thinking he had overslept.  Confused, he looked over at his clock.  7:18.  His heart raced.  Is this […]