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By: Donald Njoaguani Mama was dead, but it always felt as though she was right there, all the time, watching me, scolding me, and only I could see her. I never had […]

A Man of the World

By Clark Zlotchew Fifteen-year-old Randy Remington III could not have foreseen the heartbreak followed by joy that would accrue to him because of the flamboyant Ms. Josephine M. Burke.  It all started […]

Missed Pieces

By: Yash Seyedbagheri At nightfall, my mother’s bathed in pale blue, tangerine, and pink clouds. Her words are confident, replete with nicknames and jokes. Her gait soothes, a clickety-clack of heels. But […]


By: Alan Swyer Flying to Connecticut to attend his father-in-law’s funeral, Artie Shore found himself in a quandary.  Expected to join his wife, her siblings, and their spouses in saying a few […]