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By: Don Tassone Bill Frazier was always drawn to news.  By the time he was eight, he was reading his parents’ newspaper, the World-Herald, all the way through.  It was the first thing he did when he got home from…

woman in a blue dress in a kitchen with gray wooden cabinets

The Day of Curried Fish

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg Zindzi peeled, washed, and then diced four onions. She added them to a pan. Thereafter, she washed and diced three tomatoes and added those vegetables, too. As they stewed, she checked, washed, and diced generous handfuls…


The Pack

By Daniel Pratt Part One Alpha’s nose quivered as the acrid scent of disease in his prey rushed to greet him.  He hesitated a moment before signaling to the rest of the pack that the old doe was to be…

tropical tress near road and body of water during golden hour

The Competition

By: Georgios Karagiannis Steve and his brother Bill walked down the narrow dirt road, towards the river. It was still dark outside and cold, but they didn’t mind. They snuck out right before dawn, while dad was snoring on the…

view of the bay through a hole in a stone wall

The Gap Year

By: Karlie Taylor On the night before I graduated from college, I could not sleep because I was thinking about Jesus, not in the deep, philosophical kind of way, but the human kind of way. See, I’ve got this picture…

ashtray with an alien toy inside

The Residential Aliens

By: Tom Ball People told me I was an alien and not from Earth. Until recently humans didn’t use most of their brain. But, us aliens, helped humans to utilize their whole brain and made even ordinary people into geniuses….

The Debt

By: Sujon Ganguly Chapter 1 Sunday afternoons were a sanctuary of tranquillity for Anjan. As the sun cast a warm glow through the curtains, he relished the simple pleasure of taking a shower, a brief respite from the demands of…

cloudy sky

What’s in a name?

By: Khemendra Kumar The eclipse lasted for an hour before rainstorms, thunder, and lightning struck in unison as never seen before. Many villagers thought that someone had infuriated Indra, the God of Weather. In anger, it seemed he had unleashed…

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Cradle to the grave

By John Paul Lama             It all began with a careless act.             Francis Reynaldo Santones and Sonya Clarisse Amata were a young couple in the Philippines with a problem. He got her pregnant, and they were clearly unprepared for…

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The Pinball Machine of My Mind

By: Bruce Levine I never thought I was very smart. When it came to gray matter, I always felt that I was rather deficient. In addition to that sense of deficiency I believed that there’s the ratio of diminishing returns….