Category: Fiction

Down the Saco

By: Christopher Johnson “God, it’s cold!” he bellowed. He felt as though he had immersed his feet and ankles into a bucket of ice water. Skeeter just laughed. “Pick it up, Dad! […]


By: Michal Reiben Anna climbs her dear friend, the Wellingtonia tree quickly and easily for she knows its every branch; it’s a giant of a tree, an evergreen with down swept branches, […]

Roman Fury

By Atticus Ellis “Marcus, I wish you’d just let me kill you without demur. I never like to make things messy.” “In that case, Gaius, you just might have quite the mess […]

City Beneath the Sea

By Mark Kodama I. The Launch             It was part of a scientific experiment gone awry, a top secret government program to prove that human beings could travel into the future at […]