Category: Fiction


By: Vladimir Motchoulski The urchin told me to jump. “Jump,” he said. “Go on. Jump.” I looked away, down and away, toward the crystalline water shimmering at the bottom of the magnificent […]


By: K.McAllister Day 36: I’ve come to the conclusion that she is not coming back. The halls have been void of sound for a while now,  once the skittering of mice as […]

Fruit Fight

By Russell Richardson “Did you fuck with my fruit?” my wife called through the open bathroom doorway. We had long ago abandoned the formality of shutting the door when doing our business. […]


By: Kevin Criscione Like ghost ships passing in the night or dark-hued mountains in the distance, each call a portal to a different untouchable world into which I was only offered a […]

Secret Hand

By: Edward Wells One.  Names, on the other hand, are precise, unambiguous; one might even say rigid, fixed, unalterable, certainly inelastic. They are not the same thing, however. In the upper right […]

The Game

By: Bruce Levine It was just a game. Tiffany and her twin sister, Brianna, played it often. At eight years old the girls made up many games, partially to alleviate the loneliness […]


By: Victor Azubike Effigies;Turquoise skies;Twin rainbows:FaintAnd prominent.Sunny afternoons;SolitaryTelecom masts;Derelict school Buildings;DesolateAnd barricadedFilling stations;Down and outFolksEking out a living. Crescents;Intersections;Hemmed in;At Wits’ end.City’s squareCrowdedBy lonely seats-Open spacesAndShrillSilencesWaiting for the nextSpectacular event,Solemn oath takingWith […]