Category: Fiction

Flightless Birds

By Patrick Eades             We were in the garage by Christmas. The temperature refused to drop from 35 degrees at nine in the evening, our stomachs stuffed with prawns, ham, fruit cake […]

On Edge

By: Jean Rover “Madge says I’m boring,” Chuck confided to Max. “I think she’s going to leave me.” The old dog looked up with his one good eye. The other was swollen […]

Ode to Campari

By Ronita Sinha      The day I brought you home Campari, is the day I fell in love with you. I christened you Campari after a wine-coloured lipstick that I adored at the […]

The last pylon

By Claudia Spiridon Stark silence embraces the picture of the two figures, shadows driving along the space between them. A pair of eyes tries to find the other, but the search is […]

The Geese

By: Michal Reiben Gnome school days are long and finish at half-past four. As well as all the usual subjects, they are also taught special tricks to fight against goblinoids, how to […]

The Crime Scene

By: James Glass Detective Gail Summers arrived at the residence of 65 Ocean Drive. The spacious beach house overlooked the Gulf of Mexico as waves rolled onto the shore. From the bedroom […]

The Bösendorfer and Kafka’s Long Lost Letter

By Gaither Stewart                                                             1.           “You know, you have the best hands in the world,” Matthew said, nuzzling her enticing bare shoulder lifting and moving rhythmically up and down, up and […]

The Savior

By: R.E. Hengsterman Animals howl, humans cry out in pain or hunger. But because of the uniqueness of the boy’s condition, he offered neither. Instead, it was his heart that triggered the […]