Category: Poetry

‘Whispers’ and other poems

By: Roger G. Singer WHISPERS I see youat the edge moonlightbrushes your hairas a mild breezedrifts overthe lipswhispering mynameas we standunder tall pineslining the pathnext to theoceanwhere astarry night skyis reflectedonto itssmooth […]

A Perfect Year

By: Bruce Levine A two-season yearSpring and fallYin and yangFrom budsTo bountiful flowersAnd paleTo dark green leavesThen the changeJust at the peakOf perfectionAs the days recedeAnd the glorious colorsOf fall appearReds and […]

Four Spring Haiku

By: Jim Bates Purple ConeflowerMonarch butterfly alightsDouble delightful. After somber rainPretty morning glories bloomUnexpected gift. Belief they will growCarrot seeds planted with careFaith in Nature’s hands. Woodland stream flowingWhispering sweet trickling songsNature’s […]

A Meteor in Space

By: Bruce Levine Floating through timeLike a meteor floating in spacePropelled by gravityPulled without free willOr choice of directionLost in circumstances of fateHeld in the hand of the unknownBetween light and darkAmidst […]


By: Debabrata Mohanty The drifting clouds oppositeThe shining sun promiseA shower and rainbows..The awaiting eyes keep looking up for a fervent desireTaking shape of an arc… A beacon of hope is missingIn […]