Category: Poetry


By: Karen Lee Stradford The light shines on your faceas you lie in the colbalt casketyour spirit simmers,eternal. Our pleasant morning conversationsover Chock Full O’ Nuts, bagels and scrambled eggsas Channel 2 […]

Our Prisons

By: Mike Turner We each live in prisonsOf our own designServing a sentenceFor crimes we have committedAgainst ourselves There are walls, bars, fencesAll to confine usInsuring personal pain is maintainedAffliction is ongoingHappiness […]

Heterosexual love essay

By: Raj Ratan Mala “It’s just a phase”Sure,Like ignorance could get reality erasedThe way coming outAdded motives to count me outJudging if its my “taste”.Sin?Absolutely,When they crawled under my skinSomeone whisperedLoving is […]