Category: Poetry

The Peacefulness of Fall

By: Bruce Levine Falling leaves in various shades and huesA metamorphosis of colorsBountiful and bold to subtle and refinedThe plumage of a peacockTransformed by Mother NatureInto a tapestry of autumn The revitalizing […]


By: Turoob Rustling leaves, swishing wind, and the chilly sightHeart bumming and bursting with echoes of delight Of goes the little boyscreaming and exulting full of joy Stunned by the alluring scene […]

Your Picture

By: Bruce Levine I look at your pictureYour eyes glowYour smile brightensYour beautiful countenanceFrozen in the time of a photographThe apples of your cheeksLighting your eyesWhich search deep into my soulAnd still […]

Four Winter Haiku    

By: Jim Bates After the snowstormWinter’s soft gentle beautySnow on evergreens. At the skating rinkHappy folks spin and swirlA winter ballet. Big cold moon risingMoonlight streaming brilliantlyIcy land sparkling. Bright morning sunBirds […]


By: Dhruba Jyoti Gogoi (Morning)Let the lines of palm be kept asideDon’t have wings to flyEven if a new set is madeIt is not Saturn’s Titan!!! (Destruction)Is the time without you like […]