By Nancy Kazar Julia increased the volume on her device, but it didn’t drown out the shrill voices of her roommates or stop their relentless banging on the door. Julia removed her […]


By: Vladimir Motchoulski The urchin told me to jump. “Jump,” he said. “Go on. Jump.” I looked away, down and away, toward the crystalline water shimmering at the bottom of the magnificent […]

‘Our names’ and other poems

By: Roger G. Singer OUR NAMES a prairie start,shadows overyour eyes,jealous cloudssilently passbrushing outwinds andunansweredprayersdrifting downfrom abovewith reflectionsof paths missedand wordsof fire thatno rain couldquenchuntil the yearsof tidesfloated tothe surfaceour names ### […]

The Renaissance of Criticism: A Post-Postmodern Manifesto

By: Trevor Anthony                      The dignity of the artist lies in keeping alive the sense of wonder in the world.                                                                                            –  G.K. Chesterton      The world loves nothing better than to blacken […]