By: Michal Reiben I live with my grandparents in a poor area of London. My grandmother refuses to let me play with the children in the streets for she claims, “They are […]

That Which I Am

By: Joan Carol Bird Peru The curator lingerson monastery steps—restoration renders fourfanciful touristsfortunate voyeursin this sixteenth-century cloister.Besides the hermitall life here is for the moment banished.Our monk ushers usfrom one macabre chamberto […]


By: Pat Spencer Security at our school was not good—no gates, alarms, or play yard monitors. Soweto could be a dangerous place for a child. Yet, the teachers didn’t care where we […]

A road

By: Diya Wadhwana Evoke the light withinWhich never got shone,Road to cross; without sinThat we all walk alone. Some plains to walk,Some highways to lift,Some valleys to blockYet pass them without drift, […]