A Queer Couple

By: Ram Govardhan Nudging six feet, one the most rational eunuchs in Chennai, Rafael, while tucking pleats of his sari below the jewelled navel, was too careful not to hide the punch-line […]

My Journal

By: Sheila Henry MyInner Lifeblossoms onpages andcreativity spreads openlike buddingflowers on a Spring morn In humility I sharesecrets of myselfmy feelings and emotionsof doubts of fearsof achievements of daresbeing comforted by thestrokes […]

Some Wounds

By: KD Smith Some wounds defy healing,too deep to reachwithout hurting innocent tissue.Some wounds wait, assumed to be healed,boiling in infection, poised to erupt.One sharp jab, an unexpected blow,and poison follows channels,corrupting […]

Inner Dark Room

By: Charles Gibson Darkness resides in the individuals,which sit in a small dark room.Their souls are vexed with impurities.Evil men who have no good dwellingin them. Their thoughts are those ofoverseers who […]