By: Rebecca Dempsey I stutter and eventually say hello. Because I have to start somewhere. In a dialogue, a greeting is as good as any place to begin. Yes. I’ve been waiting. […]


By: Jim Bates Two brothersWandering hills and fieldsBreathing the rarefied airWalking through deep woodsCool and greenTromping across warm meadowsFragrant with wildflowersThey’d stop along the wayField books handyIdentifying what they observedMeadow rue and […]

A Sense of Time

By: Bruce Levine Time standing stillThe range of motionSuspendedBy a diversity of catalystsEach longing for fulfillmentAnd yet envelopedIn their own evolutionPersonal and professionalUnificationWatching a ticking clockWaiting for minutes and hoursTo passAs the […]


By: Bruce Levine It took Reggie an extended period to get all of his books organized just the way he wanted them. While his system was based very loosely on the Dewey […]

How much?

By: James Aitchison Being human you are finite;do not give of yourselfto the extent youbecome vulnerable.The Wheel spins:some hear emptiness,some hear the whole melody.When you listen, accept.When you do not hear,listen more […]

A Classroom Jumanji

By: Anusha.u The teacher emerged.The whole classroomstood in silence.Some in reverence,Others in mere imitation. The teacher started:running betweenblackboard and text,For portions were to discuss.She explained,told,elaborated-All ways she could use.She had to teach […]