‘Chess Tactics’ and other poems

By Douglas J. Lanzo Chess TacticsGambit, exchange, sacrifice,veiled subterfuge to entice,the relinquishment of position,in return for short-lived attrition;Conceiving multiple moves ahead,capricious impulse is put to bed,springing traps and double attacks,halting pawn storms […]


By Therese Gilardi             Luminous days had come to Rome. The reach of the Empire was expanding, and the conquest of Britain was well under way. A Colosseum was rising, where there […]


By: Todd Matson Words had been weaponized against him. “Nobody likes you.”  “You’re ugly.”  “You’re annoying.”  You’re a moron.”  “You’re a loser.”  “You were born by mistake.”  “You’re weird.”  “Everyone hates you.”  […]