Aquamarine Gulf Coast Water

By: Leigh-Anne Burley Rainbow lady’scyan eyes rimmedby quartz sand washeddown from the mountainsby the Apalachicola Riverwhite foam hair curling downyour rolling, emerald gown. Wash me with your jubilationimmerse me in your exuberance. […]

Ode to Trees

By: Leigh-Anne Burley We climb trees methodicallyimmerse ourselves in greenpick fruit and nutsuse the trunk’s shady backrestto think and dream. Trees are planners andforward thinkersinvest in roots and stalksguardians of vistas and […]

A Purposeful Wastebasket

By: Charles Gibson An empty, circular-shaped metal object,made to be a depository of waste,resides alone in a vacant space absentof inhabitants.Ready for service, the rubbish bin isalertly situated, lined with a thinplastic […]