‘Hydnora’ and other poems

By: Christian Ward HydnoraHydnora africana Emergence brings a land based starfish.Mottled lava-hard skin on this flower.Strawberry margarita flesh. Openingreveals Hydra heads: extrasfrom Little Shop of Horrors. Stitchesfor teeth. Of course, we can’t […]


By, Karen Lee Stradford Some things in life are puzzling to me.I spent many days wondering why I wasn’t blessed with a childto love and nourish,call my own,guide through lifeand provide for. […]

Captains The Word

By Dominic Tramontana Forks and knives clinked against the metallic trays in the mess hall. The observation window stretched along the outer wall revealing the empty void of space to all the […]

Three Haiku

By: Jim Bates ***Morning dew sparklesTiny droplets glisteningRays of sunlight dance. *** Immense starry nightPassionate lovers embraceCorpuscles racing. *** Rocky shoreline agatesWaves lapping over caramel swirlsFrozen magna moment.

Can a poem… 

By: James Aitchison On the eve of destruction,can a poem stop a bomb?On the eve of destruction,can a rhyme save the world? Words won’t win wars,but they will survive,and like graveyard crosses,define […]

Past Due

By: Michael Summerleigh Somebody came through the door of the Rose & Crown and a slash of sunset snuck in with, knocked him blind for almost a minute, so he didn’t actually […]

Insomnia’s Heaven

By: Vandana Sharma As the night blankets the world,and stars sing a lullaby,insomnia’s heaven rises just right. The world is quiet,its silence- an elixir,for the hungry spirits,lost in the day – light. […]