The Concept called Loss

By: Ruvindra Sathsarani The darkness, singsInOccasional chimesof how you cannotcoincidewith the saving ofhis soul, and it isn’tsimpleto wave your hand inair and tellthe world howan explosionsomewhere elsewas staged, stampedand launched, in seconds,and […]


By: Leon Kortenkamp “What was that?  Wake up, Robby.  I heard something.” “What?  What did you hear?” “Something.  Did you hear it?” “No.” “I was dreaming about my mother.  I saw her […]

The Ukraine Dream

By: Bobby Zielinski The Ukraine Dream, with streets, once paved with gold,now filled with bombed-out buildings and military detours.the Dream has now been put on hold. Once dreaming of greatness, and awaiting […]