All The Things You Are

By: Yash Seyedbagheri oh, country road, you carve outstreams sparkling, whispering a hushedjourney along hillsides, up and downwater glimmering in the sunlightand even in gray shadowswhile the toilet paper disappearsinto selfishness, you […]

Palghar Lynching

By Chandra Shekhar Dubey They came to uscharged us of felonyhounded and handed overto a mob with arms, sticks and spears.They kicked us beating with sticksBlood oozed from our bodymixing red with […]

Make it

By: Alan Berger Here are some wordsThat I wrote one dayWhen it allWent the wrong wayAnd the world that I rent inLeft me speechlessNothing to say Make it all go awayOr have […]

Barry the Barracuda

By Dennis Robleski A barracuda’s concerns are few, especially for those that live along the coast of Bimini in the westernmost district of the Bahamas feeding on the plentiful fish around the […]


By: J. Cassidy Hawthorne For Teddy I remember my first day. It was cold as Hell. It was the kind of cold where each thought you had was interrupted by another, single thought: […]

God’s Unlikely Hero

By: Jeff Watkins Wearing only scanty panties, Corporal Rochana Toch (a female Cambodian emigrant who looks like a skinny prepubescent girl) seductively, sinuously sways toward Corporal Daniel Selnick, murmuring, “Me so horny. […]