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Poem: It’s about to rain

By: Bamgbose Gabriel  


The trees dance
As the heavy wind whistles
Like an umpire in the green field
Opening the long-awaited march
It’s about to rain

The hackles of the firmament
Has risen, risen and ready
To vent their anger
That has long been held
By the jinxed supplications
Of those sage hags
It’s about to rain

Now the face of Heaven
is dark
And the voice of Heaven
is furious
Now the bands of Heaven
are hyper-active
And the parades of Heaven
are marching –
marching forth
amidst the frenzied
rolling of drums
and the violent
hooting of feet
a procession prepared
to take it by force!
It’s about to rain



  1. This is highly dramatic!
    The plot is superb.
    Each line & verse opens with great expectation
    The drops are held back by the next pulsating lines which are only allowed to fall after all the hosts of the sky are in a frenzied preparedness.

    This is a great piece of art,
    Unifying in form and beauty.

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