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By: Linda M. Crate


intimate dance
beneath the sheets
two tangoing hearts
beating in sync
the whole world paused
forgotten as breaths
beat with the ferocity of an
angry rain lashing the
all that exists is you and me,
there are no truths or lies
i can remember not when held in
this sinuous embrace;
we’re the kiss of misunderstood
enigmas burning in the wings of every
unknown cloud,
and this is why our connection is so
deep it can never be severed —
you‘re the balm that can ease a smile onto
my face when everything seems
wrong, the only wound that can heal
scars so prettily that i am a masochist wanting
more of your love and your lust so that
all these chariots of scars will ride their horses
into the balcony of your finest halls in all their resplendence
echoed on the stars.



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