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By: Kousik Adhikari


You came running
Splashing your eyes,
Covering your face
With the blue handkerchief
Of some unheard design,
Reminding me of the earth
Out of black hole,
‘Oh! Can’t you hear me?’
It was a terrible afternoon
At southern avenue
You were sweating
And I saw it was
Running down heavily
Through your neck
To the worlds,
Sudden, real, terrible,
I haven’t seen
It’s the time of sun
Going back,
Crows, bells, hands, waists
And wrestling for the season,
I dare not to see
It’s the time of water
Slashing doors, closed cars,
Under the anguish of trees
A discussion going on
A hot semi-story about matters
Known to earth-
The old wind comes
With pious silence
Hovering as a ritual
Under the dark sunless trees,
It’s the time of parking cars
And the noses bending
I dare not to see
It’s raining in the hills-
Heavy colored rain
Of some unheard design.



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