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“The Dream Chasers”, another campus novel now from a bureaucrat

Novelsw‘The Dream Chasers’ is one of those campus novels wherein friends make fun, do everything like we can expect and love the same girl. Set for launch this September, the novel is priced at Rs 199. Its story goes like this.

In Chandigarh University, six friends are working towards the coveted MBA. But while they’re not in their classrooms, they are painting the campus red with their exploits. Viraat, Sandy, Karan, Mallika, Vandana and Preeto are best friends who ride together, get into trouble together and to add to their complicity, the boys are vying for the attention of the same girl – Mallika.

Boasted to be a candid story about fate, love and the follies of youth with a very visual and vivid narrative style, it is written by a bureaucrat–Vipul Mittra, IAS, who is Principal Secretary to the Govt of Gujarat (Tourism, Civil Aviation & Pilgrimage). Mittra has worked on various assignments as member of the IAS for both State & Central Government. His previous book, The Pyramid of Virgin Dreams, did very well in the market.

We do not expect anything surprising from the novel, since we have seen and read a lot of this kind. However, it remains to be seen how differently Mittra has treated the topic, because the treatment of the plot will only be a differentiator giving readers a valid reason to grab the book.


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