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Poem: The House of World’s Mystery

By: ’Deji W. Adesoye

Mystery of the world

When I have a drive to know the world,
I look into myself.
For to search the mystery of the world,
Is to search the heart thereof.
And this treasure lay nowhere in the ether, aqueous, or the crust;
Locked is it in the heart of man.
The heart of man is the house of the earth
The earth is void till the gates of the soul are unlocked.
To know, thus I look into me
By in-depth introxpedition I see the world.

There isn’t a world for them without presence
The world is for those in it,
When they exeunt, the world ceases
The world is for human beings: in their void
It becomes extinct.
The world is for each, and each for the world.
The world is not a place but a situation—
A situation deriving from human existence.
In his absence it disintegrates.
For each man’s death a world vanishes

For each man’s birth a world surfaces.
The world is not a thing; it is a situation
So my world is my situation
My situation mingled with the situations of others
In my time of being—to the past, into future unseen.
So I fathom the mystery of the situation by peeping
Into my deepness.
There is a well in my belly
Where nature compressed the heavenly water.
Each time I with it bathe my eyes, catch a glimpse
Of my situation…My world…Our world.

A glimpse impossible had I bathed
With tears, either that trickle from my eyes
Or that gush from clouds, or those that gurgle
Over hillside pebbles in country brooks.
I say I look within to know my state;
Through in-depth intro-xpedition* I demystify my world.

*The author has coined ‘intro-xpedition’ from introspection and expedition. 


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