Story: The Snake-watcher

Cora Orl

Me and Cal ran up there. Trevor was standing there in the hallway crying. I said, “What’s wrong, baby?”

He yelled, “Mr. Zuzu! Mr. Zuzu!”

We followed him into his room. He got on his knees in front of the rabbit’s cage and cried and cried. I looked in that cage, and I screamed.

Cal said, “Let me see that.” He looked in there. “What the hell?”

I can’t believe that somebody would do that. What kind of heartless monster? You want my own personal opinion? I think he’s the vulture, the guy who did that. Those were our animals, the kids’ animals, and he did that. How could he do that to the kids?

Trevor just kept on screaming his head off.

Cal said, “Cora…the lizard.” He was looking into Jupiter’s cage. Jupiter’s—Jupiter was Trevor’s lizard thing. A cute little guy. The cutest one he’s had so far.

Trevor walked over to the cage, then screamed even louder.

Same thing. Same thing as with the rabbit. A monster, vulture…just heartless.

Then Tara started screaming from her room.


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