Literary Yard

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By: Linda M Crate


the leaves are gold,
orange, and red;
i stand
watching as autumn blooms
cars whiz by
no one notices the beauty of
fall dances around me
all her colors and all her beauty;
they’re all caught up in the
hustle and bustle
of the city,
but all that noise could never
interest me i have always
taken solace
in the tranquil moments
where silence
brings me many epiphanies and laughters
that fellow mankind cannot—
crows sing to me,
and the trees wave in the wind,
close my eyes as the
breeze kisses my eyes and blows
my hair against my cheek
in a kiss,
and i cannot be happier than i am in this
alone and surrounded by laughter
of the leaves;
you cannot complete me
i am already
fitted together as a puzzle piece,
but should you wish
to hold my hand then perhaps i’ll let you
if you let me remain


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