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By: Sahaj Sabharwal and -Pacca Danga

Oh these tests,
Superflous academic tests.
No time to prepare
For entrance tests.

Difficult to store
Vast concepts in mind,
Oh how to retain so much
Till marks given and paper signed.

Bewaring that,
The examiner is not blind,
And not our bydweller
That gives marks so kind.

All worried,
Smile crease no face.
Will we get through,
Or falter in this pace.

Parents worried about their carreer
They believe books are nifty,
Smartphones are carrier’s barrier
With no sympathy.

Parent’s and teacher’s
Support and hope is essential,
In order to raise their potential.


  1. Reblogged this on Sahaj Sabharwal and commented:

    *1Respect is the Desire of everybody’s mind,
    But is only given to people who are kind.
    *2Respect is given to those who deserve it,
    And is not given to those who are unfit for it.
    *3Respect is like a fuel of life,
    Without which a man cannot work rife.
    *4Respect to our elders plays an important role,
    As its the blessing to achieve our goal.
    *5Respect is like a bullet of a gun,
    Which Travels with us in long run.
    *6Respect when given to all,
    His reputation will never fall.
    -Sahaj Sabharwal.
    -Chowk Chabutra, Jammu
    -11th Class.
    Delhi Public School, Jammu #India #Poem#Jammu #sahajsabharwal12345#DelhiPublicSchool #DpsJammu

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