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By: Ken W. Simpson

To understand why so much money was wasted – and so much time spent investigating nothing  – we have to go back to the Obama administration – when both Obama and Hillary Clinton were using private emails for classified government business – and for their own private business.

Hillary – you must remember – was the Secretary of State who gloated over the lybching of President Gaddafi of Libya by Al Qaeda terrorists.

Also – she allegedly authorised the use of Sarin gas in the campaign against Syria – so that President Assad could be blamed.

When Secretary of State she ignored pleas for help from Ambassador Stevens, who was under threat of attack at Benghazi.- and President Obama stood down a rescue team of Navy Seals. Why do you think he did that?

It has been alleged he and Hillary were smuggling weapons through Libya to ISIS in Qatar.

In any event, Ambassador Stevens was tortured and killed – along with his staff.

Hillary showed little trace of remorse or compassion over the dreadful fate of Ambassador Stevens – and when questioned in Congress by Trey Gowdy – about using private emails for classified government business – she denied doing so – despite evidence to the contrary. In other words she lied. 

Earlier, Bill Clinton had been paid an enormous sum to give a speech in Russia.

Hillary followed up by arranging the sale of uranium 1 to Russia – in collaboration with Robert Mueller and the pedophile, John Podesta – to benefit them all – and the Clinton Foundation.

Why would Hillary sell uranium to the nation she hated – and attacked at every opportunity?

It seems even more inexplicable because uranium is used in the production of nuclear weapons, which presumably – according to Hillary’s philosophy of hate – would increase the threat of a Russina nuclear attack. Perhaps greed was the motive!

Hillary had powerful allies. James Comey, who was head of the FBI – wouldn’t charge her with using private emails for classified government business.

The Attorney General, Roberta Lynch, agreed with Comey and would not act against Hillary. – after an interview with Bill Clinton.

Andrew McCabe refused to hand over the FBI copies of Hillary’s emails to Congress.

So Hillary and Obama got away with it!

Obama’s term was ending – but he couldn’t seem to believe it. His protege – Hillary – had lost the election and couldn’t believe it, either.

Both set out to undermine Trump’s presidency by every means possible – so began the smear campaign.

It was a ridiculous witch-hunt – in which Hillary’s collaborator in the sale of uranium 1 –  Robert Mueller – was appointed special prosecutor to conduct the enquiry alleging Russian interference – in the election Hillary lost to Trump.

It was always a waste of time and money because there was never any interference – but that’s American politics – when nothing makes sense – and where incompetent liars can get away with murder.

Even Mueller – who was supposed to dig up dirt – failed to do so.

Trump undoubtedly is a dreadful president – but to suggest he colluded with Russia is absurd. – but that’s American politics. It’s the theatre of the absurd  – corrupt, hypocritical, sanctimonious and evil. It makes no sense.

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