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By: Ken W. Simpson

Photo by Daniel Tafjord 

An equivocation quivering
beside a lonely line of transients
caught fleeing from Gates
and forced to wait to be injected
while trying to remain safe
as recommended by specialists
and refuse to be poisoned
by this deadly untested vaccine.

American governments have had no hesitation in killing their own. Bill Clinton did it when he had the FBI detonate the Federal Building in Oklahoma – the fertilizer bomb of Timothy McVeigh did little damage – but it cost McVeigh his life – as it also did for Lee Harvey Oswald who according to Allen Dulles who stage-managed the Warren Commission – killed JFK – another patsy.
Looks like the US is taking advantage of the Corona virus to rob Americans of trillions of dollars.- and are using the crisis to control an insurmountable debt.
Apparently the virus cannot be detected – and tests are useless because of that – and therefore it can’t be treated.
So whether it is real or not – the government has used it to rip off the people – by using legislation to grant corporations trillions of dollars in loans. This is not government for the people – but is government imposed upon the people.
Health insurance rates have accelerated 40%. The Trump administration is acting against the interests of the American people – and acting for corporate America and Zionist Israel – to destabilize – exploit – and bankrupt.
The lockdowns which have caused so many job losses – and related problems worldwide – were – according to expert virologists – professors – unnecessary – except for the elderly. Children should have been allowed to continue at school – and adults allowed to work – allow their immune systems to kick in – and develop herd immunity. The lockdowns increased rather than reduced the dangers and length of the pandemic – if there was one.
The Corona virus was an American invention – which was taken to Wuhan – where it allegedly escaped.
Reliable statistical evidence indicates that the death toll has not changed as a result of the virus. – but has been the same as earlier years.
False estimates of deaths due to the Corona virus have been regularly published in the mainstream media – which – as we know – collaborates with the government to spread lies – disinformation and propaganda.
It is questionable as to whether or not there has been a pandemic at all – and appears to be a deliberate plan to gain control over a supine citizenry.
Why – if the pandemic was so dangerous – did the government not consult eminently qualified virologists – instead of Bill Gates who has poisoned – paralyxed – and killed numerous African and Indian infants and children – and Dr Fauci – who like Gates – is an entrepreneur with holdings in the pharmaceutical industry?

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