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By: Ken W. Simpson

Widowed skies with empty eyes
indecently occupied
by tabloid cultures of corruption
engulfed by tyranny
where the future doesn’t beckon
and the day is gone.

America only pretends to be a democracy. The people are not free and equal. They are stratified. At the top – the elite live in gated communities and enclaves. – separated and isolated from the rest of America.
At the bottom is the huge prison population – composed mainly of illiterate substance abusers and petty criminals – and around a million homeless.
In most big cities there are ghettos – where the poor and underprivileged live – or exist.
Above them are the middle class – who own – or rent – homes or apartments.
Somewhere in between are the military bases – where children are trafficked for sex.
They all exist as separate entities – with only their nationality – and the English language – in common.
There has always been a powerful white suprmacist minority that have ruled – and continue to rule America – not only from Washington – but from the many American cities and towns by mayors and sheriffs – to protect their values and their communities to varying degrees.
In the big cities there are ghettos – with associated crime – which the police are expected to control.
All police forces attract recruits who may have characters with a tendency towards bullying or violence – and police forces in America already have a culture of violence towards ghetto dwellers – to which recruits are expected to adapt – by treating blacks and Hipanics as their enemy. So the enmity is perpetuated.
The killing of George Floyd was by all accounts a brutal and unnecessary action – because Floyd was not resisting arrest and was already handcuffed.
Many similar actions – the deliberate persecution of ghetto dwellers – takes place every day in America- with only tragedies like Floyd – being reported in the mainstream media.
Since we know the media in America collaborates with the government to publish lies – disinformation and propaganda – the death of George Floyd appears to be just the tip of the iceberg.

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