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By: Aruna Subramanian

“Cuck-oo cuck-oo….” The clock struck twelve.  “Happy birthday Maaya!” Holographic Susan appeared before Maaya with her bright smile. “Hey, Susan! Thank you, dear! How are you?” Maaya was extremely happy to see her best friend, well her image. “I am doing good darling. I got an extra special gift for you this year. I have transferred an update to your wearable phone. This is my new creation. Do try it out. You will find the instructions as you navigate through the application. Enjoy! Happy birthday again!” Susan’s image disappeared before Maaya could ask her any more questions.

Maaya nodded her head as if she got used to Susan’s drama and she tapped on her wrist phone. The screen lit up with a message “Welcome to MemTrip!”. She was intrigued and tapped on the screen again. “Get ready to relive your best memory. Enter a date to begin: …….” Now she was flabbergasted and entered the date of her most special birthday and hit go. Nothing happened after that. She shrugged her shoulders and said to herself “Silly Susan! This must be a joke. Will get back on her tomorrow”. She got ready to bed and dozed off.


It was a pleasant morning. Maaya was woken up by a text notification on her mobile on the bedside table. “Happy birthday dearest. Meet you soon – Suraj”. Her face lit up too and she got up with instant energy adorning a bright smile. As she was getting ready, she also managed to text him back “Am waiting”.

This is the first time Suraj is visiting Maaya. She had met him a couple of weeks back in the local library. It was a pleasant surprise for both of them to know their interest in paintings. Maaya was in her final year of art and Suraj was an artist by profession. They exchanged their numbers and soon were talking endless hours about anything under the sky. Suraj proposed to her last night over the phone. It’s no drama between them. She always likes a simpler and straighter approach. She instantly said yes and now excited to meet him after they confessed their love for each other.

The doorbell rang and Maaya sprinted towards the door. She calmed herself before opening the door and tried to appear normal. As she opened the door, Suraj greeted her with a broad smile and let himself in. As soon as he stepped in, he pulled her into a warm hug and placed a kiss on her forehead. “I love you! Wish you a very happy birthday!” Maaya enjoyed the warmth in his embrace for a while and pulled him along towards the living room. They had a quiet celebration and a nice meal. All the while they were exchanging glances and talking as they had been doing all these days. They decided to watch a movie together. Maaya pulled down the curtains and the room was only filled with the soft light from the TV. She grabbed a bowl of popcorn and settled next to him on the sofa.

Maaya was not habituated to watching movies. Yet she obliged just to give him company and spend time together. As time went by, she got a bit bored and felt sleepy. She cuddled closer to him and rested her head on the crook of his arms. Her actions were not at all helping him as he was finding himself to control. He gently pulled her closer and started stroking her arms. The warmness of the ambiance and her proximity gave the courage for him to make the move. He placed a kiss on her lips. Maaya though startled, gradually responded. Encouraged by her response, he let his hands beneath her top. His touch was electric, and she was on the verge of losing her mind. Yet, she gently pushed him away and said, “Suraj! Let’s take it slow. I wish this to work for both of us.” Suraj though disappointed, understood her.” I agree. I will wait for you Maaya. I will never force myself on you!”  Maaya felt happy. His response confirmed that she has made the right choice. Suraj proved himself to be a complete man. She couldn’t resist but to thank him with a deep kiss. They only let go when neither of them could breathe.


As Maaya slowly opened her eyes, she saw Suraj next to her on the bed with his gentle smile.  “Happy birthday dear wife!” As she realized, she praised her dear friend in mind, ” That’s incredible Susan”.

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