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By: Emmanuel G G Yamba

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The charm that holds me
A spell cast upon my being
A beautiful face unleash
Entices me to staring
I’m bewitched and clench

Like the rainbow in the sky
The face drape my life
The only tree in Eden
That feed me with daily needs

When she wink her eyes
My heart increase in height
Like a stick to a jump
It beats danceable song

Then she create a smile
Like a mad man
I’m willing to walk a mile
To behold a goddess
In human disguise

Out of her nostril
Came fondness
That took away my spirit
And left me dumbfounded

Her smile
I tried to craft
And this face
I’m fighting to describe
But Webster too is begging for words

Then I stare at heaven
And spoke aside
Asking the creator
Why an angel dwell with mortal

What About Me

what do you take my heart for
a stone?
that you will play with my emotions
& i won’t feel the pain

why you allow me to love you
to the extend of giving up
to make you my everything

why you had to trash what we shared
broke my love like the bread
on the last supper
& gave me a kiss like judas

what about me?
how do i mend these broken pieces
how do i reach the light
they say is at the end of the tunnel

you don’t care
that i go days without
the incense of your presence
but one day, everything will be okay

If the clouds be full of rain

If the clouds
Be full of rain,
Babies dappers
Becomes clean

Infants hearts
Switch to gladness
Disrobing their bodies
To taste the shower
Of blessing

The tups and buckets
Will be our open hands
Gripping every drop
Not wanting the Earth
Alone swallow the glory

The bald heads
Deviate from caps
The fields starts to blossom
As the leaves
Turn fresh and green
Because if the clouds be full
It empty itself and waterfall Earth



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