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No harm in self-publishing: Poet Kiriti Sengupta

This episode of AuthorTalks features Kiriti Sengupta, an award-winning poet who won the Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize in 2018 for his contributions to literature. As an extraordinary poet, editor, translator, and publisher, Kiriti is a true multitasker. Through this conversation, I was able to discuss several key topics that are relevant for today’s writers and poets. In an interesting way, the freewheeling conversation started with his journey as a writer and poet, and it sailed through topics as diverse as writing for movies, embracing self-publishing for the first few books, and more.

The entire discussion can be viewed at the following link on Youtube.

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  1. Another interesting interview with Kiriti Sengupta. A very useful info passed on. Reading a book physically & not digitally has its own advantages. The tactile pleasure, the decoration books offer to your shelf, cool to our eyes, the grace of a book mark, the comments one can scribble by the margins… oh the benefits are plenty. Even here in US this is dying after digital tools are growing in number. Glad this point is discussed.
    The author very clearly and in an assured manner emphasised on the possibility of self publishing. A great advise.
    Thx Onkar Sharma for this

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