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By: K Vanaja Malathy

A Constant two way battle between my mind and heart:

the mind, the thought processor of reason and the heart the emotional tick-tock analyzed

pandemic brought countless deaths and sufferance, said

the mind, a powerful thinker.
But your family has been safe, reminded the pre meditative heart..

Pandemic took away all the fun and excitement of entertainment,
groaned the mind wryly.
Can anything be more entertaining than being with the family for all three meals?
The judgment came from the passionate heart.

Everything virtual, kids miss social contacts, sighed the mind.
The warmth of an embrace from the parents can be more assuring, anyway, snapped the romantic heart.

Loneliness, hopelessness around, persisted the lovesick mind
The bliss of solitude, discover yourself…acquire new skills, comforted the zestful heart

Shortage everywhere, the mind pointed
Look for the abundance in nature around, It keeps you buoyant, tweeted the lovey- dovey heart

No celebrations, life is dry, the hasty mind groaned.
Celebrate abundance of good health, joy, happiness and love, revealed the lightheartedness of the heart.

How would I spend my leisure time? Interrogated the mind uneasily.
Infuse enthusiasm in yourself and people around,
Let despair not dominate your challenging spirit, advised the cautious heart.

Tell me in simple words, What do I do then? Mind was being impatient now.
CARE for yourself, Look better, Feel Better, Caring always starts with you! The heart didn’t like to lose the battle.

Somewhere inside me, a voice so feeble yet so firm and assuring whispered

‘Care your heart’

I obeyed my inner consciousness

texts, mails, calls, tweets flew out to all my near and dear ones,
A new hope kindled in me
I care for you!
Yes! Let’s care for each other!



  1. Caring for each other is such a relevant poem. So many people will surely relate to that. The constant battle that we all had within us during these tough times was very well explained. Positive thinking is crucial during crisis. You have a way with words. 😍

  2. It is always tough choose between two (mind and heart) in such situations, but the the wise man says you dont have to choose, even acknowleding is a big win, so does your poem and does it beautifully.

  3. The real war that we face everyday and every moment put in so beautifully. “CARE your heart” summarised the entire turmoil so well.

  4. This poem Care your heart was relevant then and is relevant always in so many situations..
    The beauty of the poem is in helping people understand that there is always a positive choice which immediately dispels doubt…
    A very thought provoking poem beautifully oenned

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