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‘The Songbird’ and other poems

By: Kinsey Carlson

The Songbird

These tears that I cry cannot be explained
Like birds singing sweetly, the music doth lie
My gilded cage tarnished by more than strain
My heart lies bleeding and time does not signify
That which is remembered is not always gained
Waiting for something to take away the pain


The Silence

She does not want to care
She does not want to feel
For years she has been sleeping
Numbing pain that is all too real
Your fate in her eyes has caused her weeping
And your silence she cannot ignore
If you decide to go, take her with you
For she longs to wait no more


Window to my mind

You have touched me without lifting a hand
I can feel your caress like a brand
Your eyes like an ocean of words
The blue seducing the songbirds mind
If I could but make you feel my thoughts
You would no longer be so cross
I would bite your lip and take your pain
And from the remains I would never abstain



I despise your cruel formality
When my heart beats with your insanity
You cannot know the pain I feel inside
For You are still too full of wounded pride
I want your anguished soul bared before me
Tell me your truths I could not soon ignore
Seek me in your last hour of darkness
For I will prove to be your catharsis

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