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‘Lost in My Thoughts’ and other poems

By: Hidden pen

Lost in my thoughts

(What if?)….
What if it all a lie?.
What if we get to heaven
And don’t get inside,
What if we get to the gate
And see God at the other side?.

What if we can’t go back?,
What if we can’t re-do this life,
Or get a second chance.

So why do we push them away?,
Why do the ones we want to keep,
Don’t really want to stay.
Why do we focus on tomorrow
Forgetting about today.

Why do we live this way
Why do we hate
Why do we fight
Why do we act like there is time or more than one life to live

We know when it’s wrong,
We know when it’s right
But Satan is strong, God
And most of your people are losing the fight

So what if we fail,
What if we can’t escape his lies,
What if we can’t change,
What if the world still controls our mind?.

What if life was just a test?,
What if hell is on earth,
What if being born is dying,
And dying is birth?,
Would that mean life is not God’s gift
But devil’s cause?.

What if we looked for the truth,
But don’t know where to search?,
What if the book they say we should read,
Has never being your words?.

I’m out
Seeking for the truth.
They say am crazy for looking these answers,
I say they are fools for not given proves.

Anyways lord,
I have faith and believe

Campus Girls

Most of our young girls who were sent to university campus are now practicing wifely functions instead of learning.
Just a visit to the school, you will be disappointed on what you find out.
It is now common for female student to live with a male course mate or “lover”.
It looks like some girls suddenly loose their senses immediately they again admission.
They go at any lent to change their wardrobes
And get new set of make ups just to look sexy enough for a guy who still depends on his parents and uncle for pocket money,
A guy the girl is more intelligent than.
A 300 level student whose CGPA is barely up to 2.70,
A dirty guy who most of the time get infected with STD.
Hey! Ladies remember you were sent to school campus not to sex campus,
To Obtain a Degree not Disease,
To get Educated not Ejaculated,
You are there to master the use of a pen not the pleasure of a Penis.
Be wise ladies
Don’t be used by a guy who will leave you at the end.

I Never Chose to Be a Poet

Who on earth, will choose to be a graceful liar?
If I was given a chance to choose a weapon,
I would have chose an AK-47 and not a pen,
I will choose a grenade and not a paper.

I will rather be a banker,
Counting different currencies
And not a bank of words,
I’ve never wanted to wake up at midnight to write.

How come one feel more fulfilled when penning down ancient words, parables, metaphors, and rhymes?
Than when solving mathematics, looking for ‘dy’ and ‘dx’, balancing equations he/she did not shatter?
I know a good number of my peers that shut their doors to have ‘fun’
But I shut my door just to be alone with my pen and paper,
Penning down words that scare.

I never chose to be a poet,
That’s why I am studying philosophy in school,
And not English or literary studies.

I write to comfort the discomfort,
even when the table of comfort is not there for my comfort.
I write to mend broken hearts
even when I’m trying to fix my pieces.

As a poet, people see me as a strong man, a superman, an immortal that doesn’t cry or someone that does not give in to emotions easily,
They are right, because they don’t go to bed with me at night,
I would love them to come ask my pillow some question,
Of the nights I cry like a baby without a mother,
nights that I am asleep but awake to my needs and problems,
Nights that my fears flow in my tears,
leaving a wet trace on my pillow.

I don’t know about other poets
But I never chose to be a poet
Poetry chose me.
You can call me THE CHOSEN POET.

Our voices

When it’s in your favour,
It’s good and good for the nation
But if it’s works against them,
It’s becoming baseless and bad for national unity.

You ask us not to give up,
Always have high hopes on our nation
But you go live on the next day,
Denying every words you said to us

You say we are high,
But forgetting the part where you provided the TM.
You deny us our right,
And call us hoodlums when we take them by force.
Who then is the actual muster?;..

We are hungry not crazy,
Our voices is all we have,
And #socialmedia is our microphone!..
So because it exposes your bad deeds,
You want to bring it down.

You can’t take our voices
Either through your laws or your Guns
We will speak and never suffer in silent.
Our voices is all we have…


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