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‘Not Rigorous Enough’ and other poems

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg

Not Rigorous Enough

When words are rigorous enough to illuminate the discourse amidst dysfunctional adults,
To create meaning from world leader’s remarks, to probe sundry romance novels, people
Contend that the breadth, external validity, & heuristic benefit discounting such extreme Experientialism appear capable of producing paths for “well thought-out” orotundity.

We ought, thus, to see idea assemblages as having self-completeness clear of enduring as
Distinct entities. Human envelopments are constituted by efficiency and exegetics. When
We acknowledge our fusion of epistemologies, we can identify/appraise countless views’
Attempts to influence us.

Unfortunately, our range is limited by present-day, western philosophical/rhetorical systems’
Biases. What’s more, we’re deterred since we operate from the Cartesian model. Sometimes,
We’re myopic in our ethnocentricity. Certain of our systems’ classifications don’t maneuver
For nonwestern or noncontemporary knowledge theories.

This spectrum of enquiries, now or next, illuminates acts, actors, & action theories adjacent
To historicity, semantic screening, normative pluralism. Maybe, common critical dissection
Crooks compliments, causes conjectural crumbs to infuse grace in a variety of recorded and
Imagined events.

We still generate a great amount of features about communication patterns though providing
Words’ inferences. We do depict phenomena’s range, necessitate norms’ establishment, even
Account for the ever present human influence on singularities. Successively, modern, shared
Acumens yield small psychodynamic or logocentric comprehension.


Otherworldly, meaning “uncanny,” choices convoke the gathering
Of good-hearted persons and too often cull bumptious or or else
Truculent fellows.

If we’re to govern honestly, without the aid of wise equerries, or
Individuals steeped in ethical knowhow, we ought to seek out
Tolerant, inclusive linguistics.

Inversely, we could discern amid absent rules for gaging referents,
Cook seek arguments focused on humanity’s many limitations.
“Balance” requires context.


Reusing old, damaged parts is smart resource allotment since
Profligating resources, especially in ethically miry times, rarely
Causes the realization of contemporary tools; pragmatic, semantic
Acts are governed equally by principles and skill.

“Careful,” “intelligent,” “law-abiding” only sometimes mean
“Objectively truthful.” Ordinarily, those terms indicate a limited
Continuum of ideas concerning same-saying, else problems inherent
In cognitive practices circumventing consensus.

See, supporting general referents makes for assessments that rarely
Embrace specialization or that overly-generalized significations’ ranges.
In reverse, our experiences’ multiple meanings and moralities require our
Recycling of legitimizing “approximations.”

Cultural, linguistic, social, and rational hegemonies threaten ideas
Based on history. Nonetheless, the reissuing of proven concepts makes
Sybaritic use of aged themes, ancient notions, and many other old-fashioned
Means of declaring status.

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