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“Opaque Tears” and other poems

By: : Srihith Jarabana 

Opaque Tears

Tears so opaque,
That when he stares
At the mortal blue skies,
Even distant stars reflect off them.
But in the upper echelons of his thoughts
And in the chambers of your heart,
Lies a place where he is lifted,
To a state where they feel alive.

The Judged and the Loved

Sparkling specks twirl,
shimmering sparks dance,
Fleeting moments of being authentic
lead to extraordinary things,
A small, yet potent force of bravery
Always brings out the best in us.  

An Open Terrarium

“Sure, pass me the binoculars,” I said with a sigh,

As I loop the thin string around my bent neck,
I realize that since I’ve been standing here twelve after one,
The hands on the clock have swapped places, a subtle effect.

The jagged promontory ahead had piqued the entire town’s eye,
That’s why we’ve all been eager to see what the golden peak might imply,
A dormant volcano, ready to erupt, the tension palpable as they watched.

But if I had to be honest, it’s a boring minimal, a little too subliminal.
Well, it’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I can’t care right now.
Yet, their expectations weigh me down.

Perhaps there would be other volcanoes to witness,
And we don’t even know if the mountain was all it claimed to be.
Or that it will erupt today or tomorrow for that matter.

“You know what, I think I’ll head out for the night,” I said to an open terrarium masterpiece,
I’m leaving the false-spring behind, hoping the future might bring some peaceful release.


Srihith Jarabana is a sixteen-year-old poet writing from Oakville, Ontario. He has always loved writing and has only recently started to dabble with poetry, including experimenting with language and form. He also likes boxing and board games. 

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