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Your Picture

By: Bruce Levine I look at your pictureYour eyes glowYour smile brightensYour beautiful countenanceFrozen in the time of a photographThe apples of your cheeksLighting your eyesWhich search deep into my soulAnd still […]

The Walk

By: Bruce Levine It had been a long morning. Dillon rubbed his eyes which felt strained from working at his computer for so many hours. He hadn’t realized that it was going […]

The Violin

By: Bruce Levine Avery laughed. It was a bitter laugh. He’d been through it before, many times in fact. And each time it had gotten harder.             Losing a bid at an […]

The Vacation

By: Bruce Levine Friday seemed like it would never come. If the time was distance and it was measured in lightyears it would still be incalculable. For Wendi Blake time had definitely […]