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‘The City’ and other poems

By: Bruce Levine The City The city unfolds its wonders Cavernous streets outlining paths Glass-fronted stores and shops Eateries mingle with clothiers Each beckoning in their way Fragrances drifting through doorways Rich flavors exciting the senses Beckoning passers-by to enter…

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‘Reverie Redux’ and other poems

By Bruce Levine Reverie Redux Fluorescent lighting Hovering overhead Transient groups Outlining intervals Of time in a tube Multiscopic vision Projecting data To artificial intelligence Cognitive memory Enhancing realms Infused with dogma Telepathy based society Filled with sensory channels Telekinesis…

close up of a european robin sitting on a branch

Signs of Spring

By Bruce Levine Spring was officially the season. The Spring Equinox had taken place on March twentieth, and it was now close to the end of April. But for Gary Sounding spring was never truly spring until he’d seen robins…

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The New Kid On The Block

By Bruce Levine Being the new kid on the block isn’t easy. Pairings have already been made. Groups have been organized as if by some unseen and unknown hand sorting everyone; pointing to each person as if saying ‘you go…

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Where Do Rainbows Go?

By: Bruce Levine Where do rainbows go After they fade away? Is there a land of color And parades of chocolate cake? Do leprechauns go bowling Or skate in pools of rain? Do milkshakes last forever In a never empty…

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Redefining Goals

By: Bruce Levine Thinking about tomorrow Focused on prospects Waiting in the stillness of inertia Projects and process Held in the hand of external forces Glimmers on the horizon Reinforcing the momentum of the future Pathways defined with hope As…

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The Department of Stupidity

By: Bruce Levine Every government, large or small, foreign, or domestic; every university or school district, urban, suburban, or rural; every business, corporation or mom-&-pop have one thing in common – departments. Defense, transportation, or social services; theatre, science, or…

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A Note From Mister C

By: Bruce Levine Dear Reader,I believe that all life should be lived between forty and sixty. Of course I don’t mean that the human life span should be between forty and sixty, heaven forbid, but that the accompaniment to a…